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Listed below are the major products that you will find at The Candy Box.  These products are sold by the pound.  You may place an order for pickup and it will be waiting for you at the designated time.  There are many more items to choose from in the store: Licorice, Swedish Fish, Lollipops, Mints, Wilbur Buds, Malted Milk Balls and Jordan Almonds are just examples. 

From 1 October through 30 April, we accept orders for shipment.  Many of our products are heat-sensitive, so we don't ship them during the summer months.

To place an order, call 856-589-0317.

The following items are available in all milk, all dark or milk and dark mixed - $17.00/lb.
 Chocolate Butter Creams
 Vanilla Butter Creams
 Coconut Creams
 Coffee Creams
 Lemon Creams
 Maple Walnut Creams
 Orange Creams
 Raspberry Creams
 Porcupine Creams
 Strawberry Creams
 Lemon Jellies
 Orange Jellies
 Raspberry Jellies
 Chocolate Covered Choc. Fudge
 Chocolate Carmel
 Vanilla Caramel
 Cashew Caramel
 Cara-Dip (Caramel & Marshmallow)
 Double Dip Mints
 Mint Patties

 Peanut Clusters
 Raisin Clusters
 Pretzel Clusters
 Potato Chip Clusters
 Coconut Kisses
 Cordial Cherries
 Hostess Mints
 Cream Cheese Grahams
 Choc. Cov. Graham Crackers
 Jordan Crackers
 Peanut Butter Smoothies


 Peanut Butter Puffs
 Peanut Butter Sticks
 Mint Sticks


Fudge: $10.50/lb
 Chocolate fudge
 Chocolate nut fudge
 Vanilla fudge
 Vanilla nut fudge

 Orange Peel
 Almond Butter Crunch
 Chocolate Covered Toffee

 Gourmet Pretzels
 Dble stuffed Choc Covered Oreos

White Chocolate - $17.00/lb.
 Vanilla butter Cream
 Vanilla Caramels
 Coconut Bonbons
 Peanut butter sticks

Regular Assortment (contains a mixture of creams, jellies, hard and chewy centers available in all milk, all dark, or milk and dark mixed
 1LB. $17.00
 2LB. $34.00
 3LB. $51.00
 5LB. $85.00

Assorted Fruit and Nuts
1LB. $18.00
 2LB. $36.00
 3LB. $54.00
 5LB. $90.00

Assorted Nuts
1LB. $18.00
 2LB. $36.00
 3LB. $54.00
 5LB. $90.00

Assorted Sugar Free
 1LB. $18.00
 2LB. $36.00

Milk, Dark or White Chocolate Covered Pretzels: $18.00/lb


White Chocolate - $18.00/lb.
 Vanilla butter Cream
 Vanilla Caramels
 Coconut Bonbons
 Peanut butter sticks

 Almond Bark, milk choc.
 Almond Bark, dark choc.
 Almond Bark, white choc.
 Cashew Clusters
 Pecan Clusters
 Walnut Clusters
 Cashew Turtles
 Pecan Turtles

Sugar-Free Chocolates: $18.00/lb
 Peanut Butter Smoothies
 Vanilla Butter Cream
 Peppermint Patties
 Raspberry Jellies
 Orange Jellies
 Peanut Butter Bolster
 Vanilla Caramel
 Chocolate Caramel

Sugar-Free Chocolates: $18.00/lb
 Peanut Clusters
 Raisin Clusters'
 Cordial cherries
 Coconut Kisses
 Almond Bark
 Pecan Crabs
 Cashew Crabs

Sea Salt items $18.00/lb
 Sea Salt Caramels
 Sea Salt Cashew turtles
 Sea Salt Pecan Turtles
 Dark Sea Salt Peanut Butter Smoothies

Sugar-Free Almond Butter Crunch $20/lb

Sugar-Free Gummi Bears: $18.00/lb

Birnn Truffles made in Vermont: $25.00/lb
 Grand Marnier
 Black Forest

To place an order call 856-589-0317